Rest in Pieces Sticker Set

Tatt Me Temporary Tattoos

$ 10.00 

May they all Rest In Pieces…we sliced and diced up your favorite horror characters in this wickedly frightening sticker series. They are sure to bring out a scream in anyone who sees them!

Series of 12 Tattoo designs include:

  • Chucky
  • Elvira
  • Freddy
  • Gremlins
  • Hannibal
  • Jason
  • Leatherface
  • Michael
  • Pennywise
  • Pinhead
  • Scream
  • Spalding

$10 for Series of 12 Stickers

Each die-cut sticker series comes packed in 3.75 x 6 inch plastic sleeve with cardboard backer and sticker header card.