Meaning Behind Tattoos

Temporary tattoos allow you to decorate your body in cool designs without the permanence of the real thing, but do you ever wonder what some of these tattoo designs symbolize? Read on to learn more!

Sea Turtle | View Design Here

Turtles are one of the oldest creatures on earth. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, known as “Honu,” symbolizes good luck, endurance and long life. Turtles can show up as a person’s guardian spirit, known as “Aumakua.” When lost, turtles are excellent navigators and often find their way home. Legend states that a green sea turtle guided the first Polynesian settlers to the islands. In historic days, only the rich were allowed to consume turtles as food. In modern times, sea turtles are protected by the Endangered Species act and there are severe penalties just for giving them stinkeye. [Source: OluKai]

Hibiscus Flower | View Design Here

The Hibiscus is a popular flower representing delicate beauty and sunshine. It is known that women who wear the flower behind the right ear are single and the left ear represents a woman who is romantically attached. The Bird of Paradise is another exotic flower seen throughout Hawaii. The Hawaiian name for the flower means, “Little Globe,” and represents joy and magnificence. Orchids are indigenous to Hawaiian landscapes and are symbolic toward refinement and beauty. [Source: OluKai

Mandala | View Design Here

The mandala, while in design is dominated by squares or triangles, has a concentric structure and actually translates to “circle” in Sanskrit. These symbols offer visual elements that balance and represent harmony and unity. The mandala is extremely versatile and can carry a number of meanings that are limited only by the creator and the observer. The overall goal of a mandala is to be a tool on one’s spiritual journey. [Source: TattooSEO]

Cherry Blossom | View Design Here

The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In their country, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short. When the cherry blossom trees bloom for a short time each year in brilliant force, they serve as a visual reminder of how precious and how precarious life is. [Source: Huffington Post

Koi Fish | View Design Here

Koi is a Japanese word for Carp. Japanese people have, for years, used Koi fish tattoo designs as a cultural symbol for overcoming adversity. Stories are told of how they climb waterfalls that have strong currents. It is said Koi was determined to reach the top of the waterfall so it persevered and succeeded. [Source: Tattoo Journal] Owl | View Design Here An owl can look beyond the surface to see the real truth underneath mountains of fluff. Owls are spiritual mirrors, totems that force us to face the thing that we fear the most - our true selves reflecting in their enormous eyes. [Source: iTattooDesigns

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