Put A Skull On It

"Put a skull on it" doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like “put a bird on it,” but if you like skull designs, we have a lot! In this blog, we’ll highlight the Top 5 temporary tattoo skull collections or view them all right now at Tattmetattoos.com

Savage Skulls - Shop Now

This collection of savage skulls features your favorite prehistoric beasts, animals, and even aliens. 


Black & Grey - Shop Now

One of our most popular collections, the black and grey series isn't all skulls, but it does have a few which are fan favorites. 

Game Over - Shop Now

It's GAME OVER for this eclectic mix of your favorite video game or PC characters! 

Skulls - Shop Now

This collection is devoted to all skulls from witch doctors to sugar skulls to the grim reaper.

Steampunk - Shop Now

This steampunk-inspired line has gears and gadgets, hot air balloons, and you guessed it– skulls! 

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