Put A Bird On It

Lets explore the vast world of temporary tattoos. Or, more specifically, their versatility in application!

Put A Bird On It

Temporary tattoos don’t need to be pigeonholed (see what we did there?) into skin-only application because they make great arts and craft pieces too! Learn how to make decorative glass bottles here. You can also utilize them in photo albums (yes, people still use those), as temporary 'stickers' on your game controllers, and in other creative ways.

Goodie Bags

Being the hostess with the mostess, you've thought of it all. From the perfectly placed flowers to the cupcake pyramid tower. But what about the ole goodie bag guests take home with them after the party? Those are traditionally stuffed with candy and other not-so-great things. Why not add some beautiful temporary tattoos? Starting at $1 a design and with free shipping, the choice is easy.

The Ole Fashioned Way

Last but not least, temporary tattoos, are for your skin. Whether you're attending a festival or a photoshoot, temporary tattoos can add that extra edge and style you've been looking for. Shop our 300+ designs and thank us later.

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