Savage Skulls Temporary Tattoo Set

Tatt Me Temporary Tattoos

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The Most Savage Animal and Alien Skull Tattoos


Skull tattoos don't all have to be human skulls. This ferocious line features all the skulls of your favorite animals and aliens.
These tattoos will make you look like a savage beast! 
Series of 12 Tattoo designs includes:
  • Gorilla Skull
  • Predator Skull
  • Eagle Skull
  • Deer Skull
  • T-Rex Skull
  • Alien Skull
  • Elephant Skull
  • Saber Tooth Skull
  • Great White Shark Skull
  • Ram Skull
  • Walrus Skull
  • Cow Skull
$10 for Series of 12 Temporary Tattoos
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Each tattoo is printed on a 2.5 x 3.5 inch sheet