Summer officially kicks off June 21, but many places are already experiencing warmer temps. As you get ready to head to the beach, embark on a fun road trip or attend your favorite musical festival, consider getting some temporary tattoos and stickers for the journey!

Water resistant and lasting up to one week, our huge inventory of temporary tattoos is the perfect summer accessary. 

From our Island Ink line...

island ink temporary tattoos summertime

To our Pastel Mix...

To our Polygonal temporary tattoos, we have a little bit of everything!

And if temporary tattoos happen to not be your thing, we always have stickers too!

No matter your style, age or design preference, we know you'll find something great at Tattme Temporary Tattoos and Stickers! Do you have any favorite designs? Let us know in the comments!

Temporary Tattoo Versatility

In this blog, we'll explore some cool things people have done with their temporary tattoos! And don't forget– we offer free shipping within the U.S. and $2 international shipping. 

Arts 'n Crafts

We dedicated a past blog to this fun pastime (read here if you missed it). Temporary tattoos are a great way to adorn decorative bottles, vases, candle holders, plant holders, and more. Starting at a $1/design, it's a cost-effective way to jazz up your living space or create meaningful gifts for loved ones.


Painting eggs can be messy- both for your child and the surrounding area! Temporary tattoos offer the same amount of fun, but without the grime. Stick them directly onto eggs or fill easter eggs with tattoos. Shop now at


Everyday Household Items

From cups to dinnerware, temporary tattoos provide an awesome accent to so many things. Check out the hanger below- how cool is that?!

Image: Pinterest

Is there anything else you'd add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Put A Skull On It

"Put a skull on it" doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like “put a bird on it,” but if you like skull designs, we have a lot! In this blog, we’ll highlight the Top 5 temporary tattoo skull collections or view them all right now at

Savage Skulls - Shop Now

This collection of savage skulls features your favorite prehistoric beasts, animals, and even aliens. 


Black & Grey - Shop Now

One of our most popular collections, the black and grey series isn't all skulls, but it does have a few which are fan favorites. 

Game Over - Shop Now

It's GAME OVER for this eclectic mix of your favorite video game or PC characters! 

Skulls - Shop Now

This collection is devoted to all skulls from witch doctors to sugar skulls to the grim reaper.

Steampunk - Shop Now

This steampunk-inspired line has gears and gadgets, hot air balloons, and you guessed it– skulls! 

New Designs + Upcoming Designs

It has been an exciting month at Tattme Tattoos & Stickers! Our talented artists and illustrators have been working hard on new designs. Check out our recently released collections PLUS what we have in store later in the month!

Available Now

PolygonalShop Now

You’ll love this beautiful line of geometric shapes featuring your favorite animals from the majestic wolf to the powerful gorilla. 


Game Over 3 - Shop Now

Designed by popular demand…Game Over 3 with even more of your favorite video game or PC characters! This time we went afterStar Fox, Knuckles, and even Yoshi!


Coming Soon!



Satire Stickers

Unicorn Rainbow Poo Stickers


We have a lot in store for all of our lovely fans! Please stay tuned and be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter where we always offer an exclusive discount or deal!

Sneak Peek of New Game Over Series!

Yes, that's right, we're coming out with the third installment of our popular Game Over and Game Over 2 series! 

Check out some of the new designs coming soon!





In addition to the new Game Over series, we're also coming out with several new collections, which we know you'll love too! Stay tuned for those details.

Stocking Stuffer Season

Tattme Temporary Tattoos & Stickers make the perfect holiday gift, and are especially great as stocking stuffers! 

girl with stocking

With over 300 designs to choose from, we have something for everyone! Mix and match plus enjoy free shipping within the U.S.!

boy with stocking

Below are some of our most popular designs, but you can browse our whole collection at

Just 4 Girls Temporary Tattoos

moon catch tattme

This collection is an assortment of fan favorites and for anyone who enjoys airy designs like this moon catcher.

Watercolor Temporary Tattoos

strawberry tattme

We think you'll like this series berry much. This set was created to look like watercolor paintings and appear slightly transparent on the skin.

Vintage Floral Temporary Tattoos

tattme vintage floral

Our beautifully illustrated Vintage Floral collection is a favorite for both kids and adults! 

 Bit Fig Stickers

tattme bit fig

These cute pixel stickers are based on the hot selling toy figurines, "Bit Fig Animals." We made them in 3D and 8-bit form!


The above are just a few of the options you have. Whatever your taste, we have the temporary tattoo or sticker for you! Shop now for Christmas!

Jewelry Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos as jewelry? Yes, that's right, jewelry temporary tattoos that actually look awesome. We have 20 different designs to choose from and you can wear them on your arms, neck, legs, and ankles. This trendy look became popular as far back as 2014 and the style was even featured in VogueAs recommended by Vogue's Senior Fashion Editor Jorden Birkham, "pick a tattoo that works best with your personal style of jewelry, then layer it with a few of your favorite real pieces."

The great thing about temporary jewelry is you can sport many different styles within a short amount of time and without breaking the bank. They're great for those weekend long festivals, concerts, or traveling abroad. They're even great for more eccentric events like Burning Man. Adorn yourself in metallic to gold to black delights and let the compliments roll in.

Our Jewelry Temporary Tattoos start at $1/design or buy all 20 for $18. Free shipping in the USA, and $2 international shipping. 

Put A Bird On It

Lets explore the vast world of temporary tattoos. Or, more specifically, their versatility in application!

Put A Bird On It

Temporary tattoos don’t need to be pigeonholed (see what we did there?) into skin-only application because they make great arts and craft pieces too! Learn how to make decorative glass bottles here. You can also utilize them in photo albums (yes, people still use those), as temporary 'stickers' on your game controllers, and in other creative ways.

Goodie Bags

Being the hostess with the mostess, you've thought of it all. From the perfectly placed flowers to the cupcake pyramid tower. But what about the ole goodie bag guests take home with them after the party? Those are traditionally stuffed with candy and other not-so-great things. Why not add some beautiful temporary tattoos? Starting at $1 a design and with free shipping, the choice is easy.

The Ole Fashioned Way

Last but not least, temporary tattoos, are for your skin. Whether you're attending a festival or a photoshoot, temporary tattoos can add that extra edge and style you've been looking for. Shop our 300+ designs and thank us later.

6 Fun Facts About Tattoos

You've learned the Very Brief History of Temporary Tattoos, and now we highlight six fun facts you may not have known about tattoos! 

Fun Fact 1

In 1700, a law passed in Japan stating only royalty can wear ornate clothing. Out of protest, some Japanese citizens decided to brand themselves in full-body tattoos decorated to resemble what they were denied. 

chrome koi fish

Koi Fish- Chrome Temporary Tattoo


Fun Fact 2

Greece and Rome looked down on tattooing, and relegated the practice to slaves and prisoners. In other regions, religious tattooing was being practiced. 

lion tattme tattoos

Lion- Scripture Temporary Tattoo

Fun Fact 3

The word "tattoo" can be traced back to the Polynesian noun tatau, which means "puncture, mark made on skin."

lizard island ink

Gecko - Island Ink Temporary Tattoo

Fun Fact 4

Between 1961 and 1997, it was illegal to get a tattoo in New York City following the outbreak of hepatitis B.

sticker from tattme

Monkey - Muertitos Sticker

Fun Fact 5

The red star which is incorporated into the Macy's logo is a part of the tattoo of its founder, R.H. Macy. Macy got the ink while working on a whaling ship in his adolescence. 

star temporary tattoo Stars - Temporary Tattoo

Fun Fact 6

Toy maker Mattel had introduced the Butterfly Art Barbie in 1999, which featured a butterfly tattoo on the doll’s stomach. Temporary tattoos were also provided for the doll’s owners. However, it was discontinued after receiving complaints from parents. 

butterfly temporary tattoo

Flying Butterfly - Temporary Tattoo


** Sources: Wikipedia, MSN


Things you can buy for $5

Things you can buy for $5:

  • Starbucks Venti Caramel Frappuccino
  • 6-inch Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt from Subway
  • Sutter Home Sauvignon Blanc
  • Ladle shaped like the Lochness Monster (Amazon)

lochness ladle


  • Rapid Ramen Oakmeal Cooker
  • And saving the best for last– Tattme Temporary Tattoos! Yes, that’s right! You can buy some sweet tattoos or stickers for the cost of one Caramel Frappuccino. 

How Do We Do It?

Magic. Meaning we have a lot of hard working folk dedicated to bringing you the best temporary tattoo designs at the best price.

Free Shipping

Exactly how it sounds. And $2 international shipping!

Mix & Match 5 for $5

Freely and joyously "mix and match" any of our $1 designs. They make great gifts, birthday grab bags, and more.

I Don't Think I Like Temporary Tattoos

Nonsense. And anyway, temporary tattoos don't need to be relegated to your skin. They're great for making neat and longer-lasting materials. You can read more about that here: Arts 'n Crafts With Temporary Tattoos.

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