Why You Should Get Inked...Temporarily

Temporary tattoos are an excellent alternative to getting permanently inked. They’re budget-friendly, pain free, and the best perk is, yes, they’re only temporary! Below we outline some of the pros of getting a temporary tattoo.

All Ages Approved

Temporary tattoos are versatile enough to satisfy all age ranges and styles. Many of our tattoo collections are artistic pieces designed to emulate real tattoos from our black and grey series to our mini black designs that are popular amongst the minimalist tattoo crowd. We also offer fun and light-hearted options like our pettoos animal line and our poopie emoji stickers.

Fad Designs

When you get permanently inked, you’re stuck with that piece forever (unless, of course, you go this route). With temporary tattoos, you’re not at the mercy of passing fads since the tattoos only last about one week!


Temporary tattoos not only make great stocking stuffers and party favors, but they’re also great for arts and crafts, offering hours of creativity and fun.

vintage floral designs easter egg basker


Real tattoos are expensive and will set you back hundreds of dollars. Most temporary tattoos start at at $1 per design. We even have a great “mix & match” offer– 5 designs for $5!

Temporary tattoos allow you to decorate your skin differently every week without the consequences of being stuck with artwork you no longer like. Explore our store today!

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