Mermaid Temporary Tattoo Set

Tatt Me Temporary Tattoos

$ 10.00 

Mermaid Temporary Tattoo Set

You’ll love our mysterious and enchanting mermaid series! Half human and half fish, legend says merfolk live in the deepest part of the ocean. And now they can live right on your skin as fun temporary tattoos!

Series of 12 Tattoo designs includes:

  • Blue Bubbles
  • Flower Anchor
  • Gold Mermaid
  • Green Tail Bubbles
  • Lighthouse Anchor
  • Orange Mermaid
  • Purple Mermaid
  • Rainbow Bubbles
  • Rock Mermaid
  • Shell Anchor
  • Sunset Wave
  • Tiger Tail

$10 for Series of 12 Temporary Tattoos

Includes shipping and handling within the U.S.A. Add $2 for international shipping per order.

Each tattoo is printed on a 2.5 x 3.5 inch sheet.